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5,499,814 (Re. 35,955)    5,280,923    5,297,794    Des. 399,897
5,938,540      5,961,397      US 6,168,535 B1      US 6,309,311 B1
US D475,426 S
GOLF BALL     5,503,398         GOLF SHAFT     5,795,244

In addition, other patents are pending in the United States, and some patents have been issued or are pending abroad.


Green Grass Golf Corp. owns 25 patents and 18 registered trademarks worldwide. Another few design patents, patent and trademarks are pending and awaiting issuance.  Green Grass Golf Corp. owns protectable rights in its proprietary design under copyright, trade dress, common law trademark, and other legal doctrines.


The following marks and phrases, among others, are trademarks of Green Grass Golf Corp.

Green Grass®       Reg. no. 1,717,153
Eagle logo®           Reg. no. 1,761,511
Quasi Bore®          Reg. no. 1,849,476
K.E.T.S.®                Reg. no. 1,861,420
Sneaky Long®      Reg. no. 1,953,717
Arched Bridge®    Reg. no. 2,193,123
TIVA®                       Reg. no. 2,321,677
WingDynamite®    Reg. no. 2,619,234
SCOOP®                 Reg. no. 2,753,470
DUAL WALL®        Reg. no. 2,716,431


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"I obtained one of your bridge putters on your free offer and thoroughly enjoy it. It has a great feel and a true roll of the ball."
---- Bob T., Idaho Falls



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