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Introducing our Dual Wall® Sneaky long, Sneaky Long® , Sneaky Long® II Drivers and utility woods. All unique clubs are U.S. Patented and are beautifully made.
Dual Wall® Sneaky Long® Driver
100% forged Ti head with dual insert plates. The 1st insert plate is Bata Ti to give more spring. The 2nd insert palte is forged Ti to enforce the power player. Please refer to Dual Wall® Home page for details.

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Sneaky Long® Driver
100% titanium head with adjustable weight plates to fit your swing. Please refer to the Sneaky Long® Homepage for specs and product information. Statistics show this is the only low trajectory club among the products in the market.

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Sneaky Long® II Driver

The Sneaky Long II is the first and only club in the world utilizing a non-welded/locking design, which consists of an internal reinforcing element (optional) and a deflectable face plate. A unique, mechanically compressed joint is established where the insert face meets the club head. This allows the two materials to be locked together without welding.
Please refer to the Sneaky Long® II homepage for details.

We design the swing weight D0-1 for the club length of 45".

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Utility Woods

Deep face 17-4 Stainless steel head. Graphite shaft with low kick point for R flex. High kick point for S flex. Please refer to the Utility woods homepage for specs and product information.

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Another View of Sneaky Long !

Please refer to the Sneaky Long® Homepage for specs and product information.

A close view of the DELTA plate and wrench. Only the Sneaky Long® driver comes with ONE delta plate package. By interchanging the delta/U plates, it forces the center of gravity of the club to fit the swing of the golfer

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